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We provide technology solutions for business communications and marketing. Our goal is to help your company improve relationships and profitability with your customers.

We are known for helping our customers achieve the most convenient, efficient private Internet web link, and for an expanding range of innovative, productive ideas. We provide uniquely superior software solutions for private delivery and tracking of interactive communications and multi-media presentations supporting e-commerce and e-communications.

The primary product of Manatee is Connect, a specialized software product that provides a unique communications capability between a computer, a CD and the web. Using Connect, a simple CD becomes capable of delivering highly targeted information to a specific audience with excellent tracking capabilities. The end result is the ability to control the Internet experience of the viewer, which improves the delivery of the message or the success of the campaign.

Our Mission

  • Develop, produce and market quality software and related services that provide comprehensive support for a customer's Private web browser or multi-media presentation, always enabling the customer to keep a strong competitive position in e-commerce and e-communications.
  • Commit to quality and excellence, both as individuals and as an organization, through continuous improvement, innovation and teamwork. Identify and respond early to technological, marketplace and other environmental trends, opportunities and challenges with innovative enhancements to products and processes, particularly as changes to Internet, data storage, data transmission and human/computer interface technologies affect core products.
  • Develop and continually strengthen a mutually rewarding long-term relationship with customers, employees, business partners, and shareholders.
  • Identify/invent opportunities for an ever-changing range of products and services, which are feasible to develop, market, produce and distribute.
  • Operate ethically at rates of profit and cash flow that will support rapid growth and give shareholders a simple return on investment (ROI) averaging more than 20% per year for any consecutive five-year period.
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