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Manatee Connect™ Is a specialized software product that provides a unique communications capability between a computer, a CD and the web. Using Connect, a simple CD becomes capable of delivering highly targeted information to a specific audience with excellent tracking capabilities. The end result is the ability to control the Internet experience of the viewer, which improves the delivery of the message or the success of the campaign.

Manatee RouterManatee MR01 Router Developed initially for fleet users who have the capability to communicate via satellite, cell phone, etc., the Model MRO1 router automatically identifies all bandwidth sources available to the designated vessel at any given time and selects the method of delivery with the lowest usage cost thus assuring the fleet user of the least expensive cost of bandwidth.

If the user wishes to stay connected to a specific bandwidth source even though another source may be more cost-effective, the user can override the automatic selection process provided by the Model MRO1 router.

The Model MRO1 is currently being used to provide this type of intelligent routing for a fleet of vessels that have bandwidth provided by cell phone, Sailor Satellites and VSAT systems.

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