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Manatee Technologies, Inc. was founded in August 2001 with the express purpose of finding/developing and commercializing specialized software that would provide unique solutions for customers that had small or unique market applications.

We began with a product called Connect that provided dedicated browsing capabilities for clients that wanted to create a special bond with their users. From this beginning, we have grown to provide specialized bandwidth management services for small seagoing fleets, custom financial management tools and project development & management services for a variety of one-time and/or unique undertakings.

Today, we provide support services to a variety of customers in areas ranging from specialized materials handling software interfaces to software managed financing to fleet bandwidth. Along the way, we have developed some custom products that allow us to automate some functionality and thus save our clients time and money.

When you have a need for an infusion of specialized expertise to solve a problem, manage a project, or assist in developing a new way of doing things, give us a call. We don't have all the answers but if your needs fall within the scope of our many and varied capabilities we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss working with you.

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